Your website is a reflection of your business.

store_frontThe bottom line is this, customer’s perception of your business is based on the portal they use to find you.  We ALL do it!  For example… you decide to buy a used car, you drive around and come upon a used car lot that has poor signage, a building that needs painted and an unkempt lot.  Your first thought isn’t, “This is the perfect place to buy my next car.” Your thought is more likely to be. “if this is the care they put into their store then what kind of cars do they have to sell.” If your are old enough to remember, (and even if you’re not) department stores use to entice people to come into their store with window displays.  If you like what you saw initially then you went inside.  Sound familiar?  Website are built on the same premiss.  With this philosophy in mind you can get a better understanding of a successfully constructed website’s design and development structure.  We want people to come inside our website.  We want them to look around and we want them to buy something or subscribe.  An effort went into those old department stores window displays and an effort needs to go into your main website page.  If not, customers just keep on walking.

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