Website Maintenance and Hosting Services


Basic Website Hosting      $18 month

Quite a few websites and blogs can operate just fine on cheaper web hosting plans. Take caution though, if you are trying to fine cheap hosting you don’t want to find cheap service instead!  At Northern AZ Web Design we handle your hosting needs.  That includes setting up, renewing, and taking care of any and all hosting issues if they should arise.  What is website hosting?  Simply put, it’s the location of your website content.  Worry free hosting is the goal here. Northern AZ Web Design works with the most reliable company in the world to ensure minimal website hosting problems for our customers.


maintenance-icon-northern-az-web-designWebsite Maintenance     $195 month

(that’s 3 hours @$65 per hour-1 hour free)

Website maintenance is necessary for a number of reasons.  The most important ones, in our opinion, can’t be left unattended.  For this reason we have created a basic monthly maintenance package that is affordable to everyone to see these basic needs are met. This keeps your website not only running but adds growth in the SEO department so your site will be a consistent value to you and your business.

Below are the services that we maintain  for your website under are basic website maintenance package.


  • Backup of your website
  • Software and coding updates
  • Link checking
  • Backlink building 4 per month
  • Keyword validation
  • Content comparison to leading competitors
  • Content generation (blog or new content page or article) 1 per month
  • Google Analytics traffic reports
  • Handle all domain and hosting issues


  • Design changes to website
  • Content changes including photos & video
  • Payment Gateways
  • e-Commerce
  • Social buttons or plugins
  • Email support
  • Slideshows
  • Tracking Code
  • Website navigation updates
  • Update WordPress Website
  • WordPress conversions


Website Design $75.00 per hour

Website design cost can vary greatly depending on the sites needs to reach your customers.   The average cost for a typical small business website built  from scratch by Northern Arizona Web Design falls between $3500 to $8000.   To see a detailed of costs and design breakdown visit our web design page.





A website maintenance service is an online service offered for website owners who lack a webmaster but still want their website maintained. The number of things that a website maintenance service can do differs, depending on the service itself, and how much a client is willing to pay. Having a website maintenance service is a more practical solution than hiring a webmaster when it comes to overall cost.



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