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a website created from a marketing prospective.


The first thing you should know about Northern Arizona Web Design is our primary concern and  overall goal is to see you prosper from our creation. We are fully committed to you and your business.  We stand behind the work we do for you. Websites are a powerful somewhat necessary tool that will get you results if created and maintained properly.  We don’t take the responsibility intrusted to us lightly.

 …if you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. Cliche as it sounds, it is our philosophy

In other words, if you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.  Cliche as it sounds, it is our philosophy.  That being said we feel it’s important to define the differences there are when it comes to the types of website design,  the level of work done, and what would be considered a successful design based on the original outline of the project.  Sound a bit confusing?  We know it can be, but it is an easy way to understand this.


Website designs created by Northern Arizona Web Design from concept to creation have a higher success rate when our website design formula is followed.  If the project calls for a simple content transfer to an updated web theme we can only guarantee the transfer.  Successful websites aren’t built and then lie stagnate.  Successful websites are always growing and changing to provide new information, keeping the website relevant to a customer’s use.  Plus search engines expect you to if you want to stay near the top of the keyword search results.

…search engines expect you to if you want to stay near the top of the keyword search results.

What we hope you take from the information above is a correctly built website will get you better results, but it may cost more than you might expect to pay. This is important to understand when your asking the question what a website costs to have a built and why costs range so much.  We can create a website for $1000  for you, just don’t expect it to generate much traffic on its own.  We want you to be fully informed so you can match your creation to your expectations.  If you intend to drive your own traffic to your website then this may be the way to go.  That does hinge on you doing the work instead of the website doing it for you.

Here is a breakdown of what goes into creating a website.  Cost can be controlled by you in some areas, helping it keep an estimate at the lower end of things.


Key elements that control website design costs.

Your website design budget will vary based on these items:

  • A new site or a redesigned site?
  • Do you know what you want? Is it outlined?
  • Do you have the content, or will it be created?
  • What about graphics, photos or videos?
  • Do you want a responsive site for mobile devices?
  • Do you want the ability to access your site for content management?
  • What about social media integration?
  • Do you intend to sell online, need eCommerce?
  • What about SEO and keyword placement?


So How Much Does a Small Business Website Cost?

Most small business websites we design or develop range from $4,500 – $9,000.

  • Website planning and development- Here we gather information and research your market and form the strategy for the flow of your site. Estimated Hours :10 to 30
  • Design, layout creation-  The basic aspects of the mockup site are functioning giving you a feel for the direction of the website per the project outline. Estimated Hours: 25-35
  • Graphic, Marketing and advance design additions- This is where the site begins to come to life. The site begins taking shape in the development stage and becomes a working draft.  Estimated Hours:25-45
  • Launch of site- Here the finishing touches and SEO  is completed. Estimated Hours :3 to 15
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