The importance of good web design for today’s internet.

finger-pressing-backspace-key-northern-az-web-designIt would be fair to say if you asked the average person on the street whether a business needed a web site in today’s world their answer, without hesitation, would be yes, absolutely.  Now ask that same person why and they, with some hesitation, would have a more difficult time coming up with an absolute answer.  If you were to go even further and ask them what the website would need to provide, you may not even get a clear response at all.  So what does this all mean?  Well…it tells us a few things.

  • 1st-everyone expects to find more information about your business on the internet.
  • 2nd-it tells us those same people (who expect you to be present on the world wide web) don’t know what to expect when they get there.
  • 3rd-once there, their decision on what and how they will look for information will be based on the ease of finding it, and how well it is presented to them.

This last bit of information we have just learned is the most crucial when it comes to creating and designing a competitive functional website.  This is where you win or lose your potential customer.

Let me explain this from the searchers point of view. We’ll do this with your own experience with websites and search results.  Think about your way or style of searching for businesses or information on a particular subject.  Once you have typed in your keywords to be searched, and you have chosen the website to provide that information, what is the first thing you do after the page loads onto the screen?  You assess the website by its design and make a decision to either continue or backspace to your list of search results.  If it meets your approval, you next begin to scour the site for the content that meets your informational needs. If it’s too wordy , you don’t read, if it’s too busy you don’t look, and if it doesn’t seem to have what you are looking for you will try to use a secondary avenue to find what you are searching for such as the main menu, or a list of topics, wherever they may be located on the page.  If what you’re interested in isn’t easily available, you make yet another decision.  Is this website the only source of information on the subject or is there another site that might be easier to find the information you’re searching for?

If it’s too wordy , you don’t read, if it’s too busy you don’t look…

These choices happen within a few seconds or over a few minutes. It just depends on the person searching, what they’re searching for, and what the website did right or wrong for that particular person. This is where the importance of having a website that is built with those factors in mind comes in. In fact, it’s the only way you can build a website.  Let me be honest, most anyone can build a website with the increase in technology and easy interface for most to understand and use themselves.   Plus the large amount of information available that makes building a website feel very much like a do-it-yourself project. The defining difference here is not just the how it’s built, but also the what it’s built with.  The “what is” is the content.  Well written, market driven, search friendly content.  Here is what the perfect combination looks like:

  • Well designed layout
  • Easy to navigate
  • Balanced content placement
  • Visually comprehensive
  • Titles, headings and content consistency
  • Organic keyword integration
  • Goal oriented internal links

This is a condensed generalized list, but you should get the point.  Balance between design and content aimed at a creating a call-to-action for a predetermined goal or result will have the best chance of converting visitors to your website into customers.


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